What is a Guardian Home?

Our guardian program allows families the opportunity to have our “Pick of the Litter “ as a family pet and care for them as their own while Knockout Frenchies retains breeding rights. We require guardian families to be within no more than an hour radius of Scottsdale, AZ or Yuba City, CA. Once the Guardian dog has completed his/her breeding career, he/she will be spayed or neutered at the expense of the guardian family and will remain a forever pet.

There is a limit on how long a breeding career will be for our breeding dogs and since all are a little different we prefer to discuss that with each family. If you’d like to be considered for our guardian program you must fill out our guardian application below and meet the criteria.

Responsibility of a Guardian Home

Guardian families are responsible for routine care such as vaccines, yearly checkups, feeding high-quality food, flea/tick prevention, grooming, socialization, and most important love and affection.

Benefits of Being a Guardian

A benefit of being a guardian to one of our babies is that qualified families would get to guardian our pick of the litter. We take pride in our breeding program and pick only the best. Another benefit is that the guardian family gets to enjoy this amazing breed for the fraction of the cost. For more information and to be considered for our Guardian Program please contact us. If you’d like to apply to be considered as a Guardian Family, please complete the questionnaire below.

Guardian Home Program Application

    Are you familiar with the French Bulldog breed or have you researched the breed.

    Do you work outside the home?

    Do you travel often?

    Are there any other pets in the home?

    Are there any kids in the home?

    Do you own your own home?

    Do you have a fenced-in yard?

    Do you have a pool?

    Are you planning on moving in the next 5 years?

    Do you have a gender Preference?